Mobile escape games

The new generation of teambuilding games!

The Sopron Crazy Garage present to you the new mobile teambuilding game, what is mixed with live logical games and with classical escape games.

In the game even  70 person can play, in 7 diffirent themed rooms: IQ, Retro, Pub, Sports, Girls, treasure hunt, Military.

The key of the game, that the teams (6-10/person), depend on each other, use their own creative and logical skills to try achieve the mission of different syllabus rooms in 60 minutes. The excersies are furnished according to the selected topics, and we use structures what is designed fits so well for the selected themed!

The Players solving some thoughtful little details the discovery of different tasks can decipher the codes necessary to escape. The teams just have 60 minutes to do succesfully the mission, so there is now way without teamwork.

The game is totally mobil, so we can move whereever you want, is useful if in the rooms we have enough place to built the game, even one trent could be perfect to orginaze the game.

Company or School events, birthdays, balls, festivals or different events:

Our mobil rooms can be perfect completive for your event!